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2003 SGA Elections

A week of intense campaigning is riding on the outcome of two days of voting next week.

Elections will be from noon to 5 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday, April 7 - 8 in UC 111.

Students will need to present their Student ID prior to voting by electronic ballot.

Runoffs will be held on Wednesday if no candidate gains a 51 percent of all votes cast, according to Section 1, Article A of the Constitution.


Jason Balestrini is a senator from the College of Business and Public Affairs and former Freshman Council President.

Balestrini defines his goal for the UTM campus is “to familiarize school affairs to the student population.”

Nikki Draper of Chattanooga is the current Vice President, former senator from the College of Business and Public Affairs and former Vice President of the Freshman Council.

“I would like to continue serving continue serving the students here at UTM,” Draper said.

Jennifer Ogg is a senator from the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and former freshman council member.

A Martin resident, Ogg says that the current SGA has its fair share of problems.

“SGA lacks vital communication with UTM's students. I want to make SGA a reachable organization on campus that strives for what students want and lets them know about it,” said Ogg.

Vice President

Kevin Anderson is a senator from the College of Business and Public Affairs and former Vice President of the Freshman Council.

“I feel exceptionally willing to help because not only I can do the job, but I am most suited for the responsibilities linked to the position,”Anderson said.

Beau Pemberton is the Treasurer of the United Residence Hall Association and student member of the UTM Regional Advancement Council.

“I am running for this office so that together with the students of UTM, we can lead this university into a continued time of progress and vision of excellence,” Pemberton said.

Secretary General

Brian Davis served as the Campus Observations committee chair this year. He also has prior experience as a Freshman Council member.

“I feel it would be putting my talents to best use to serve SGA and the student body as a whole,” Davis said.

Pamela Bartholomew served as an executive assistant this year to President Eric Tolbert and is the former Secretary General for Freshman Council.

Hailing from Decaturville, Tenn., Bartholomew said that she is running because she “want[s] to contribute to the future success of UTM.”


The College of Business and Public Affairs (5) candidates include Dusty Dean, Clarissa Porterfield, Matt Maxey, Joey Pierce, Laura Harber and Andrew Usery.

The College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences (3) candidates include Josh Davis, Robert Hoffman and Landon Loveall.

The College of Engineering and Natural Sciences (2) candidates include Marqueta Abraham and Brien Luck.

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences (5) candidates include Candace Tate, Ann-Marie Lovelace, Elizabeth Reynolds, and Jeff Hall.

The College of Humanities and Fine Arts (5) candidates include Jacob Crouch, Okwede Okoh, Beth Anderton, Shellee Williams and Kevin Teets.

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