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Adopting a pet can be a great gift for Christmas

Winter is upon us here at UTM and the cold wet weather that we all dread. Many of us choose to stay indoors during this time, but there are countless others that can’t. The “others” that I speak of is the many dogs and cats around the area that remain homeless.

Not to sound dramatic, many animals live inside shelters or foster homes and are not roaming the street during winter. However, these creatures need a home. Many of us are college students and have issues that we have about adapting a pet.

The parental warning still rings in our ears, “Pets are a big responsibility.” Many are pressed, but pets can be a great companion to a college student. Certainly, pets are a big responsibility, but it is definitely worth it. If you can spend hours a day on the Internet or watching T.V., you can defiantly own a pet. I have a 40 hour a week job, 18 hours of class, and a world of other responsibilities, but I still find time to play with my dog, train him and take him to the park.

Also, college students are definitely on a tight budget. Pets do not have to cost a lot of money. Unless you are a Paris Hilton wanna-be and want to buy your pet million dollar clothes, having a pet can be relatively inexpensive. Food, toys, grooming and hygiene products can undeniably add up. Although, if you are a savvy shopper you can swing it.

Space is a big issue for many college students. If you have a dorm room or an apartment that does not allow pets then a pet is not an option for you. However, if you rent a house, this can be plenty of space for most dogs and cats, especially if you take good care of them.

Christmas is around the corner so treat yourself or a loved one to a new pet and save the life of a pound-bound critter in need.