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Be nicer in the cafeteria

An experience last week made me miss my old high school cafeteria, even though I graduated from high school more than four years ago.

My best friend treated me to supper Friday in the UTM cafeteria, a place I haven’t been to lately. Now I remember why.

First, while we were standing in line to enter the cafeteria, several guys rudely broke the line right by the door. Then, as we waited patiently in the food line, more guys cut to the front of the line to get their food.

As my friend and I made our way to a table with our group, low and behold, the same guys were causing a ruckus in the front dining area. They were hollering, throwing things to other tables and moving from table to table. They were so loud that I could barely hear what my friend was saying, and he was sitting right next to me.

Then I found out that they are football players. I guess most people let them cut in line because they didn’t want to speak up. However, I believe all that rambunctious energy could be used better on the field instead of in the cafeteria.

After a long day, I would have liked to enjoy my meal in peace. If being loud is your thing, then take your rudeness to the side room of the cafeteria. Meanwhile, use the manners you were taught.