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Bredesen coasts to easy victory

With 2 percent of the precincts left to report in, Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen has a strong lead against Republican contender Jim Bryson.

Recent predictions suggested a sweeping victory for Bredesen, and with several precincts coming in, Bredesen holds a lead of 69 percent of the vote. Most polls had Bredesen taking 60 percent of the vote.

West Tennesseans are showing a strong favoritism toward Bredesen with most counties voting democrat. Recently, Weakley County posted definite voting figures giving the race to Bredesen by nearly 75 percent with all of the precincts reporting. This follows along with the trends of surrounding areas such as Obion, Henry and Dyer Counties which also have all come in strongly for Bredesen.

Currently, no county has reported numbers to suggest a strong vote for Republican Jim Bryson. Although Bryson currently has over 30 percent of the vote, the numbers nonetheless favor Bredesen.