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Corker takes Tennessee Senate seat

Rep. Harold Ford Jr. has announced his concession to Bob Corker, giving Corker Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s seat.

In what was one of the most hotly contested races on any ballot this election; Republican Bob Corker was ahead in the race with a 51 percent majority at the time of Ford’s concession.

"I want to thank the people of this great state who have given me one of the great great honors any person could be given to travel and meet and listen and learn about the needs, concerns, goals and aspirations of people," Ford said. "I'll pray and ask my good lord and savior to give me the strength and the wisdom and the ability to grow and to be a better person and a better servant."

"I love my country more than I love this process," added Ford.

Control of the senate now rests on the results of Montana and Virginia’s neck and neck races. Results in Montana may not be known until 7 a.m. as there is currently a recount in Billings-Yellowstone County. Results in Virginia may not be known for weeks as Senator George Allen is pursuing a recount.

Early results had Corker well in the lead, due to East and West Tennessee's voting history in favor Republicans. Despite this, he lost his somewhat comfortable lead over Ford as the results came in.

Corker managed to capture most of the counties in East Tennessee. Though surprisingly, he failed to garner more than 53 percent of the vote from Chattanooga-Hamilton County, where he was formerly mayor.

Ford’s strong holds of Nashville-Davidson County and Memphis-Shelby County stayed true and voted Ford by 63 and 61 percent respectively.

Here in Weakley County, 54 percent voted Corker while 45 went to Ford, with 100 percent of precincts reporting. Weakley County also had much better voter turn out than last year with a 53.48 percent voter turn out rate.