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Editorial: Parking woes temporary; spaces will open up

When asking what’s on the minds of most UTM students, particularly those who commute, parking is a hot button topic.

We’ve heard the horror stories of parking in the back of the stadium lots, parking out by Pacer Pond, and the many who have abandoned their cars altogether and simply walked.

The solution to this problem isn’t making more spaces, building a parking garage, or kicking everyone with a Martin Place sticker out of campus lots.

It’s time.

Give it time, students. It happens year after year. The parking lots will open up a little more and more as people leave school for whatever reason, lack the money to drive, or simply give up on parking on campus.

By midterms, the dorm lots will only be half full at any given time of the day. Soon, the spot that you fought for this morning will have spaces on either side of it during the busiest part of the day.

In the meantime, leave your home a little earlier than usual to give yourself time to find a parking space. Believe it or not, whining that parking caused you to be tardy to class will fall on deaf ears with professors.

Be patient and just give it some time.