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I’m surrounded by children!

Here’s a shock-the last real column I wrote was in August, in an issue the majority of the campus has only heard about, First Flight. Guess now’s the time.

About the headline, I’d like to clarify this isn’t about the staff of the newspaper. No, in fact I’m talking about a few of my fellow students and citizens of this town and nation.

First item: responses on this page. Ms. Hayes, your party will not be very pleased at all with your last statement, especially coming from an official in the college chapter.

I’d suggest a little more tact, and not let your irritation get the best of you. Regardless of how I or anyone else plans to vote, that is a sure turnoff for your candidate and the entire political system.

Next, the boards. More specifically, the not-exactly-ours-but-has-our-name-it boards.

If you haven’t been to the “UnPacer”, I encourage you to go -- heck, even register. It’s shock commentary not unlike Limbaugh, and if they can’t beat your argument, they attack you personally.

I never feel more at home than when I visit at http://www.lee Even my mother enjoys it!

Finally, I’ll end with my other favorite, the Student Government Association. There’s long been a perception that we’re all about the destruction of the SGA.

I think our record stands that we have, in general terms, disagreed with the direction that certain members of the SGA EC and senate are taking and we will continue to take them to task. However, the line is drawn on this page. We report what happens; you decide how much you care about it.