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Letters to the Editor

United Way brings help to those in need

Everyone at some point in their life has been struck directly or indirectly by hardship. You may have looked to friends, family, or some organization for help. An organization that is looked to for help all the time is the United Way.

The United Way is an organization that takes donations from community members, and invest the money in the best programs to change lives and get results in Weakley County.

Young, elderly, physically and mentally challenged people all benefit from the donations. In addition to people, they donate to the Red Cross to fund projects and help in emergency situations.

The campus is being ask to donate whatever money they can spare. Not only are the students ask to participate, the staff is as well.

Remember, if something unfortunate happened to you or someone you know, you would want help from a group such as the United Way.

So go donate!

Megan Madden Communications Dyersburg