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Two senators resign

Attendance records to be discussed

Following two resignations, the SGA discussed measures to enforce the disciplinary action against senate members who surpass their two allowed absences.

Vice President Nikki Draper notified the senate of resignation in her report, although neither of the two senators was present for the announcement.

Eric Lester, a senator from the College of Education and Behavioral Science, served his resignation earlier this week, citing scheduling conflicts that interfered with his academic and extracurricular activities.

Draper read a formal letter from Danielle Neely, Engineering and Natural Science, notifying that she was withdrawing from the university for personal reasons with the intention of returning in the spring. She asked also that she be considered for reinstatement.

Several minutes of discussion centered on whether or not the seat could be held open, and if she was eligible for reinstatement given that she had completely withdrawn from classes.

Aside from the resignations, attendance records indicate that there are senators that have missed either senate meetings or committee meetings, bringing their total absences above the allowed two.

“SGA has always had a retention problem especially toward the end of the year,” Draper said after the meeting.

Draper added that she was disappointed that the problem was occurring so early.

“The reason this process has begun is basically to keep quorum within the senate and to continue business at every meeting,” Eric Tolbert, SGA President, said after the meeting.

Beau Pemberton, Chief Justice, spoke about the proper proceedings for an impeachment move to take place.

Draper has informed the Pacer that the senators in question, a number less than five, would be called at a later time and advised to attend the Nov. 18 Executive Council meeting for information on the appeals process.

If an appeal were not likely, the EC would recommend that the senator resign their post in lieu of hearings.

The Nov. 22 meeting would be called to order, and then have the rules suspended in order to begin a hearing for each member separately.

If two-thirds majority of the standing senate body votes for impeachment, the proceedings would then move on to the Judicial Branch, who would then have the power to remove the senator from office.

Tolbert said that these hearings could last several days, and that it may be weeks before actual action takes place due to the formality of the impeachment and appeals process.

In other business:

• Katie High, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, and Steve Vantrease, University Center director thanked SGA for their efforts in voter registration, early voting, and Election Day events.

• Sodexho Food Services was thanked for their donation for the “Feed the Vote” event of both food and drink for registered voters.

• Senators were reminded that two community service hours are required per semester. Several proposed projects included toy drives, canned food donations, helping with the annual Santa's Village event and caroling at nursing homes.

• Liz Craig noted that three different versions of the SGA Constitution were being used for reference. The most current version is from the 2000 - 2001 academic year, with the proceeding year and a web edition being the other two. She said that the problem would be remedied by the next meeting.