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Visiting team reports theft of over $1,600

Incident occurred during basketball game; no arrests have been made

Visiting Central Baptist College players told UTM Public Safety officers November 24 that over $1,600 in personal property had been stolen during a basketball game in the Elam Center.

The incident report on file says that the theft occurred in the visitor's locker room between 7 and 9 p.m.

Central's assistant coach Dave Horton told officers that he was the last person to leave the locker room each time, and that the doors had been locked.

"A search of all common areas in and around the Elam Center was conducted for possible discarded items, with negative results," the incident report says.

The hallway and locker rooms at the Elam Center do not have video surveillance systems in place. The door has an external keypad as well as a standard door lock.

Assistant Director Steve Jahr says that his department is still investigating the thefts and that no arrests have been made.

Patrolman Chad Worley, the responding officer, recommended the investigation be turned over to Lt. Ray Coleman in his report.

"We regret that this incident happened," said UTM Athletic Director Phil Dane.

"We have been in contact with Central Baptist College and we have assured them that the investigation will be carried out thoroughly."

Dane also said Tuesday that he encourages anyone with knowledge of this incident to report it to the Office of Public Safety and Lt. Ray Coleman.

Mustangs head coach Jutin McGinty was unable to comment Tuesday on the incident because his team was preparing for a road game. He did confirm that he had been in contact with UTM officials about the matter.

The following players reported losses:

Marcus White: portable CD player valued at $60, $55 in cash. Kenneth Stone: Sony MP3 player valued at $150. Anthony Eckert: cellular phone valued at 150.00, wallet valued at $20, $45 in cash, pair of reading glasses valued at $75. Orien Hatcher: wallet valued at $20, $45 in cash. Antonio Hister: class ring valued at $350, $40 from discarded wallet, cell phone charger valued at $15, left cell phone. Robert Davis: cellular phone valued at $100, wallet valued at $20, $93 in cash, credit cards. Lamar Eslinger: cellular phone valued at $100, portable CD player valued at $60, $67 taken from bag side pocket. Voja Radosavljevic: cellular phone valued at $100, $20 in cash from discarded wallet. Ingo Stein: 20 mini-discs valued at $5 apiece.

A note to students and staff Anyone having information about these thefts are urged to contact the Office of Public Safety at 587-7777, or report information anonymously on their web site</A>.

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The items were taken during the Nov. 24 basketball game at the Elam Center. The incident report on file says that the theft occurred in the visitor's locker room between 7 and 9 p.m.