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Widgets for Opera

In continuing our coverage of widgets it is important to note that in order to continue their wide versatility the web browser Opera offers widgets to their users. This is slightly different from Firefox. These widgets act as more of a pop-up companion to the browser itself.

They are still a very interesting and fun way to optimize your browsing experience.

Here is a list of the top 5 Opera widgets:

  1. Unreal Soccer: Being bored while browsing the internet is no longer a problem thanks to this light weight widget game for Opera users. It is opened in a separate window and allows for users to play as pirates, ninjas, robots, space aliens, and more as play increases in difficulty.

  2. dotoo: To-do list: Having a small handy to-do list is an awesome bonus for the multi-tasker in you. This widget has a simple interface and contracts to a super small size while not in use. You can add and delete heading and subheading with a click on a button. This widget is helpful and sleek, definitely a must-have.

  3. SimAquarium: Another boredom reliever widget taken to the next level. While you are browsing the internet you can increase your funds on the game in real time. Like many other acclaimed simulation games you are put into a real life situation. Basically, you own a fish store. This may sound boring, but it is one of the top rated widgets on Opera. It is a never ending game and you cannot really lose. This widget is great for boredom relief.

  4. TouchtheSky: Getting the weather forecast has never been easier. TouchtheSky offers an in depth panel which shows the current weather for your area and is automatically updated. The widget claims features such as global coverage, real-time updates, satellite photos, local time display, moon phases, grass pollen count, UV index, humidity levels, space-saving ‘mini mode’, forecasts for up to 5 days and US or metric units. This widget is very handy and a great time saver.

  5. GoogleToolbar: Google offers more than a search engine. With all the extras that Google offers this Opera widget is handy for keeping everything straight. Everything from blogger to gmail and the applications in between, this widget is very helpful in managing your Google related needs. Advanced Google application users and novices alike will enjoy the simplicity this widget entails.