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Writer’s Guild an organization open to all

Organization has a warm reception for any student who is interested.

Writers’ Guild is just one of those students organization whose door is always open for everyone on the campus.

A student who likes to write poems or anything is always welcome to come to the sessions. They regularly have the meetings at 7:15 on Thursday nights in the Writing Center during each semester.

I have never heard about Writers’ Guild until today. This was my first session. I went to the meeting on Thursday night alone because I thought that it was the cool experience for me to learn more things about how to improve my writing skills. I want to have better writing so I have always wished that I could have a chance to hang out with some people who really enjoy writing stuff and share all of their work with one of another. I knew that it might help me a lot to get my writing better.

Meeting new friends is another goal that inspired me to come over to meet some nice people out here. Especially who want to go out on a freezing night, with the temputure being only 32 degrees? There were almost no students on the campus at the time. I rarely saw anyone walking around the campus, but this is a very good chance to meet the nicest people I have ever seen. They were so hospitable to make me felt like I was at home, and I was not there alone. I felt very comfortable to be there.

Writer’s Guild is a very small organization with only a few students, including two professors. One is Mrs. Clark who is the advisor of Writers’ Guild. Both professors teach in the English Department. Writers’ Guild is not like any other organizations such as the fraternities or the sororities that are very popular at school.

Christian Ashlar, an English major, said that “I think Writers’ Guild is a wonderful environment for writers and just creative people in general.” Samantha Carter, also an English minor from Kentucky, said that “Writers’ Guild is an excellent place for students interested in writing to meet others who also enjoy writing.”

Thanksgiving is approaching to soon. What a surprise! It is so hard for us to image that time always goes by so fast. There are only five more weeks we have before the semester is over. Carter said that “We still have a lot of things we need to do, but we only have a little bit of time left. At the beginning of the session, we did the same thing like we normally do in every meeting. We were talking about agenda.

All kinds of things that we are going to do, and we need to get it done in the next five meetings we have before this semester is the end. We are going to design creative cards. We’ll give those cards out to children who need them in the hospital.”

“We’ll also have a party before school is over,” says Carter. “If anyone wants to see a movie, we’ll have one session to do that. We don’t know which movie we are going to pick yet. But it will be a good movie and worth watching to us.

The president of Writers’ Guild gave four prompts to work on tonight. The classroom suddenly became very quiet. Everyone was working on their writing and using their imaginations. We shared all of our ideas with one another in the ten minutes before the meeting was over. Writers’ Guild is the great workshop to go to for anybody.

Writer’s Guild meets every Thursday night at 7:15 in the Writing Center (Humantites 209). For more information, you can contact Professor Anna Clark at 881-7294 or or Professor Jenna Wright at 881-7278 or Also, you can contact the Writing Center at 881-7277.